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Forever Green, a 10 year old publicly traded (FVRG) company headquartered in Utah, created in in late 2013 FGXpress as a new marketing division that, at the outset, was designed as a truly international company unique and highly effective “Envelope Products” that can be mailed anywhere in the world for $4.95 or less.

You know how you always want to catch a wave because that is where the big money is made. FGXpress is the wave that surfers and networkers just dream about. FGXpress has been so successful that the Forever Green’s sales tripled in 2014, all while it was in pre-launch!

Let me share a few really important business statistics about our pre-launch year:

* FGXpress is now mailing to 212 countries and has 33 local offices or warehouses servicing 92 countries.

* FGXpress mailed out over 2 million envelope products (PowerStrips, SolarStrips, BeautyStrips).

* Forever Green had revenues of over $100,000,000 and paid out over $46,000,000 in distributor commissions.

FGXpress 2014  Income Statistics by rank.

FGXpress 2014 Income Statistics by rank.

Remember, as a publicly traded company, Forever Green has to report expenses, and distributor commissions are an expense!

To learn more about how to get started, check out…

If you want to read more about the company, products, compensation plan, etc. etc, check out…

And, when you join FGXpress, you will also have a purely retail replicating web site where your CUSTOMERS can just buy the Farmers Market products…

And why should everyone want to have their own family business? Besides the income, the tax benefits of having your own business will be a multiplier on your income.

Do you get it now?

Are you ready to get back in the saddle and get passionate about something again and create a legacy for your family? We would really like you to join us in this adventure.

Welcome Home!

Carolyn & John Lisle
Nashua, New Hampshire USA

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